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Wildflower Seeds

Flower Buds

As a company dedicated to going as green as possible, we offer Wildflower seeders as a gift with every purchase. Wildflowers are critical to our environment as they provide a habitat for pollinators and benefit insects and wildlife, which is important for ecosystem function. Wildflowers can also improve soil health, prevent erosion, improve water quality, increase yields and enhance forage conditions for livestock. In other words, let's save the bees by planting these!


Simply follow these steps to plant your seeder and watch the magic of nature unfold. 


*Please note: the paper seeders are a novelty, biodegradable product. The wildflower seeds embedded may result in flowers blooming, but is not meant to be an efficient or effective way to grow wildflowers. For best results, plant directly into the ground.

Step 1: Get an empty pot or plant directly into the ground. Choose a sunny location in early Spring or early Summer. 

Step 2: Tear the seeder sheet and sprinkle over soil. Use a rake to create a good soil/seed contact. 

Step 3: Gently water after sowing. Avoid puddling. Keep seed bed moist until seeders are well established. 

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