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Hi! I'm Zahira, the creative mind behind Rasm Print Creations. I'm a mother of two, an artist, a business owner and a visionary. The word “rasm” in Dari (one of the official languages of Afghanistan) translates to “draw” because I hand draw everything and Afghanistan is my motherland. The idea behind Rasm Print Creations was born out of a desire to create sketches while taking a nostalgic trip down memory lane. With every sketch I found myself being swept away to the countries of my childhood in the Middle East and Central Asia. In these sketches were snippets of what I had at one point called home and at times, still find myself calling home, as well as the beauty of the diverse cultures I grew up with.  Each image I drew was completely different from the images the media showed about those regions of the world. 

Art has been a long-time passion for as long as I can remember. However, it wasn't  until January 2021 that I began my career in art. I hold a BA Honours in Political Science, BA Honours in Women's and Gender Studies, and a Master of Arts. My areas of research centered around de-colonial and intersectional feminism, Orientalism and the ways in which stereotypes about the Middle East and Central Asia are deeply problematic.

My passion for these topics have translated into common themes in my illustrations. As a woman of colour whose culture, race and faith has often been misrepresented in mainstream images, I understand first-hand the significance of accurate cultural and ethnic visual representation. I believe that diversity in illustrations can be a powerful tool to deconstruct racial stereotypes. By combining my educational background and passion for art, I am able to offer a means to make an unforgettable and powerful visual statement. 

At the core of Rasm Print Creations is the aim of using art as a tool to celebrate diversity while educating viewers about cultures that are portrayed in a singular and often negative light in mainstream media. Art can be revolutionary in changing the way we talk and think about diversity. I'm here to show you how.



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