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Intersectional Feminism Sticker

Intersectional Feminism Sticker


Our intersectional feminism sticker is all about considering the many layers in our lives that can complicate one's experiences of discrimination. For example, discrimination does not only focus on sex (ie: sexism), but in some cases if one looks at how race and class factor into experiences of discrimination, sexism would be ranked at the bottom of the list in all of these types of discrimination. For liberal or western feminists who only focus on sex as a basis to discuss discrimination, by disregarding or not acknowledging factors such as race, sexual orientation, class and other elements that make up one's identity and failing to take into account the diverse experiences of different groups of people, they are actually purporting white supremacism more than anything. That's what this sticker is all about.


This vinyl and waterproof sticker is great for decorating anything you desire, but is most commonly seen on laptops, cellphone cases, binders/notesbooks, waterbottles and skateboards. 

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