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Bamiyan Buddha Sticker

Bamiyan Buddha Sticker


Our hand drawn stickers are a great way to add a little inspiration to anything you choose to decorate. Our Bamiyan Buddha Sticker is sure to be a hit with any history buff in your life. 


Bamiyan, Afghanistan is home to what was once the largest set of Buddha statues in the world, making this a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The 175-foot-high Buddha was carved into the side of a rock canyon, alongside a second and slightly smaller Buddha statue (measuring approx. 120-feet-high), and thousands of Buddhist caves. Buddhism has a long and significant history in Afghanistan. These statues are a clear marker of that significance. In 2001, the statues were destroyed over several weeks by a terrorist group.


The quote accompanying this image is a Buddhist saying that serves as a reminder of the importance of patience and perseverence in achieving ones' goals. 


These waterproof stickers are great for decorating your laptop, waterbottle, skateboard, phone case, journal and more! 

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