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About Rasm Print Creations

   Rasm Print Creations is a woman-owned Canadian company specializing in illustrations, artwork and art workshops that celebrate and highlight cultural diversity. Additionally, we create educational art activities and stationery products inspired by Central Asian literature, cultures and histories. At the core of Rasm Print Creations is the aim of using art as a tool to celebrate diversity while educating viewers about cultures that are portrayed in a singular and often negative light in mainstream media. Everything is hand-drawn and designed by one artist, Zahira. Anyone, regardless of age or background, can use our products or enjoy our illustrations and walk away with a newfound knowledge and appreciation for Central Asia. Whether you are looking for artwork, art services (such as a live illustrator or art workshop), shopping for a gift, or simply looking for a creative outlet for yourself, Rasm Print Creations has something for you.

   Supporting the community is central to our values at Rasm Print Creations. We are open to collaborations with local organizations to support various social initiatives. Please contact us for more! 

   At Rasm Print Creations we believe that in order to continue to appreciate the countries and cultures depicted in our products, we have to do our part in reducing the waste created to get these products to you. We are an eco-conscious company and sustainability is central to our values. We conduct our business in a socially responsible and ethical manner, which protects the environment and benefits the communities where we work. We make every effort to limit or completely eliminate the use of plastics in our packaging.

   We ship worldwide from the Anishinabe Algonquin Nation (Ottawa), Canada. 


BIPOC woman owned. Community focused. 

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