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Tabla Drums Sticker

Tabla Drums Sticker


These hand drawn stickers are truly unique and unlike anything on the market. Our Tabla Drums Sticker features the pair of drums one commonly hears in classical Afghan music. Tabla Drums are a set of twin percussion instruments originating in India, but hold a special place in Afghan history.


In Afghanistan, the ancient rhythmic tradition and tonal beauty of the Tabla Drums contain qualities that some feel brudge the gap between divine aspect and musical expression. The quote that accompanies this image is a reference to the power and beauty of music in a historical musical instrument such as the tabla. One may not physically see the beauty in the music that comes from this instrument, but one can hear and feel it. 


These waterproof stickers are great for decorating your laptop, waterbottle, skateboard, phone case, journal and more! 

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